Daily Driver Comforts

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No matter whether it supports phone-as-key, retina scan or brain implants, I’d really like to ensure that there is a physical key backup that works when the battery is dead or you’re far from a network, so I can at least crawl into the vehicle to be safe from mosquito attacks.

I suppose safety from bears might be too much to hope for . . .
It used to be fashionable to carry a lock pick in your wallet - just in case - but what do you do when there's no lock to pick? As we venture further into the era of high tech everything, and with our Scouts further from civilization, there's a comfort to knowing there are some simple failsafes that will allow us to function, even live, when all else fails for the lack of an electron.
That and air cooled seats are the best
I didn’t know that air cooled seats existed until I test drove a KIA and it was amazing! Cool air straight from the AC pumped through the seat kept my back wonderfully sweat free!

(Or was that TMI?)