The EV transition will not be easy or not even successfull.

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Mar 3, 2023
Ford lost $3B alrteady. Don't want to see a good thing go south - make a gas engine!
Transition, for a brand like Ford, might be hard, and honestly, I don't know if they're really trying, but for an all electric brand, there don't seem to be too many issues (see Tesla). I resisted electric cars for a very long time too, but finally gave in and bought one earlier this year, and now it's our favorite vehicle. Driving and owning an electric car is a different experience, but it's a great experience in my opinion. One thing I have to admit, however, for my family, it makes sense as a second car, although it's being used 95% of the time now. We still have to have a gas powered vehicle for longer trips.
Define lost. R&D is a somewhat fixed cost for new products - but unless it is completely abandoned, it is an asset that will have a future value - not just a current expense. That said, I am sure Ford has abondoned a lot of R&D with it's quest for marketable electric vehicles, and functional self driving vehicles. It's a lot harder to value R&D on terminated products.
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