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J Alynn

Scout Community Veteran
1st Year Member
Nov 14, 2022
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
So I wanted to throw this thought out from an emotional point of view.
I was looking at the new Toyota Land Cruiser today. It’s a good looking vehicle. I think I prefer the modern rectangular headlights more than round which surprises me. Overall they have done a good job. It’s a modern take on a well known “vintage” based vehicle.
That said. There is NO WOW! It checks the various boxes, it’s got heritage and the colors fit the bill. At the same time it doesn’t feel that unique or special.

All that said I can’t seem to make an emotional connection and I HOPE the new Scout doesn’t end up that way.
I truly hope the boxes all get checked but I hope it doesn’t get lost in the minutia and it instantly reads as WOW! I know the goal is to present the new Scout as an evolution as though it was still in production but I hope it doesn’t go too far that the emotion disappears-because then it’s just another SUV.
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Concur. The new Land Cruiser is “ok”. I like the round lights better. It has nothing that would sway me from a Bronco if I wasn’t waiting for the Scout. The new Scout won’t sway me from a Bronco either if the top doesn’t come off.
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I would add that adding WOW shouldn't mean over-embellishment. Toyota has jumped the shark on "ruggedness". I haven't seen the new LC in person but the 4Runner, Tacoma, and Tundra are clownish in the amount of styling creases and bulges intended to convey toughness. They just look like they're trying too hard.
I've said it before but to my eye, the Scout II is the perfect 4x4 but there's nothing that really stands out. It's just a clean design with great proportions. I do like the slight fastback slant of the rear window (I think the Traveller has too much slant). There are no giant creased fender bulges/flares, hood scoops or an "angry face". It just looks good. WOW me on features (removeable roof!) and price with a good looking 4x4. Great color choices are also WOW to me.
When the Scout was produced only 1 model year had square lights. I think when most people say "square lights" they are really referring to the bezels. I agree round lights would be much preferred but with square bezels.
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When the Scout was produced only 1 model year had square lights. I think when most people say "square lights" they are really referring to the bezels. I agree round lights would be much preferred but with square bezels.
I agree and I like the rectangular bezels with round. I was noting the new LC has option of heritage round or more contemporary rectangular look. For that design I wanted to like the round but Toyota just didn’t pull it off very well
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