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Jim Nichols

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May 29, 2023
HD Off Road package, special bumpers, skid plates. Chrome trim Deluxe package. Blackout package. Regional and Rallye editions were mentioned before.
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I love that and assumed there would be a lot of packages, though the Bronco almost has too many where it's tough to actually figure out what you'd want.

I think the idea of regional packages is super super cool and als long as people can get what they want if they don't want a regional package, I think it'd be a hit. You could even do something fun and make it more environmental, ie, a "Cascades" package that would be for the foothills and mountains of the west (wet side) that is different than a "high plains drifter" that is set up for dryer terraine, etc. Could be a lot of fun and add to sales if done right. It would be cool if an owner could also buy accessories and apparel that not only have Scout on them, but also have the regional package/logo.