What If?

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Dec 3, 2022
An idea, but guessing the science/math shoot it down :sneaky:. The thought I was mulling over comes from the combination of range anxiety primarly being long road trips at highway speeds and windmill generators.

Who remembers this commercial?

At highway speeds we are creating a rapid air flow over the front of a vehicle. Would the incorperations of a series of long, narrow squirel cage fans in
View attachment 932
place of the old radiator location be able to harness enough energy at highway speeds to make a difference? My thinking was the guts of a generator would be mounted within something simular to the above picture. The mangets themselves would be attached to the inside of the rotational fan blade portion. Generators attached to either end would be an option too, and possibly easier to maintain. Weather would be a concern. Rain water would have to be deverted to drain out the bottom of the Scout, and snow and ice would have to be countered with a heating element.

In the spirit of this thread, an off the wall idea was thrown out there to gnaw on. ;) Maybe Scouts iconic square front end aligns well with the surface area needed to pull this off??
That is one of the BEST ideas!!!! Between a solar roof and windmill design there would no need to plug in.

J Alynn

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Nov 14, 2022
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Keep’m coming
I just lugged a power washer in my wife’s MDX. What a pain in the ass. Made me wonder about tie down locations. She has them in the back as do many SUV’s but wondering if ‘D’ ring mounts or something like a vertical handle could be integrated into the rear side/edges of the front seat? I had to tip it in (have hauled similar things with same issue in the past) and if I could have tethered it to something in the front to keep it tipped it would have been so much easier. Just thinking of adding some interior mounting points beyond the rear cargo area. Maybe a pair at the rear OS handles for upper connection angle