Recessed grille and tail lights

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Jim Nichols

1st Year Member
May 29, 2023
I think it would look good to have the grille recessed like the early Scout's. 77-79 Scout II grille and Scout II tail lights recessed also.
Lots of ways to make the lights and grill appear to be recessed, while taking into consideration aerodynamics. Drag is going to be an issue with "making things they way they were", but there are always options to handle a retro look, while blending in modern design and less drag for sure.
I still argue it’s a box on wheels. I don’t think slightly recessing lights on the front of a block is going to impact range that much in the big picture. While I think it’s great SM has the forward thinking approach to going EV right out of the gate, I don’t think the majority of Scout fans are worried in a minimal drop in range if a feature like recessed lights are designed which I would second as I think the retro blend is the biggest key to the Scout being successful. Once SM gets rolling they can introduce a smaller, super aerodynamic eco warrior vehicle for those whose biggest concern is maximum range and minimized environmental impact. JMHO
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I hope it is a well designed box on wheels too. I love boxy trucks for their utility, storage, comfort and good looks! I'm not worried about one light either. Rather, it's about adding up everything on the exterior of the production truck that impacts range when it comes to design. Racks, wheels, tires, fenders, mirrors, door handles, accessories, everything. People say all kinds of things about range, but it is too important not to consider the sum of all the parts when it comes efficiency and getting places, and in some cases getting both there & back. My other point was that you can easily achieve the look and feel that you might be after with some of these retro design elements (without compromise) more easily today - particularly with the characteristics of LED light elements. OEM's aren;t going to ignore efficiency b/c it will help them sell more Scouts against other EV's when there are shoppers using MPGe equivalency scores as part of their comparisons. With the ability to mod parts, I'm sure many owners will take hits and add their own aftermarket parts like light bars, winches, bigger tires, etc. They will then "own" the efficiency hit they take, and SM won't have these mods impact their MPGe sticker.
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