Scout Motors Selects South Carolina for Production Site

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Nov 4, 2022
Scout Motors Selects South Carolina for Production Site; Plans to Create 4,000 Jobs
Scout to innovate and electrify its American heritage at new US manufacturing facility

Columbia, South Carolina, USA (March 3, 2023) – Scout Motors Inc. (“Scout”) is establishing its first manufacturing plant near Columbia, South Carolina, where it will build next-generation trucks and rugged SUVs harkening back to the iconic Scout vehicles produced from 1960 to 1980. The $2 billion investment has the potential to create 4,000 or more permanent jobs. At full capacity, more than 200,000 Scout vehicles may be produced annually at the facility.

“Scout Motors will provide thousands of South Carolinians with previously unimagined opportunities and prosperity for generations to come. The Palmetto State, with its rich history, superior people, and sterling automotive manufacturing reputation, is the perfect place to re-start this iconic American brand,” said Governor Henry McMaster.


South Carolina is an established leader in the global automotive industry, with over 500 automotive-related companies and 75,000 automotive industry employees. The state is No. 1 in the U.S. for export sales of both completed passenger vehicles and tires.

Looking forward, Gov. McMaster and the State of South Carolina are committed to becoming the epicenter of electric vehicle innovation. Through an executive order issued in October 2022, Gov. McMaster prioritized building EV infrastructure, preparing the state workforce for advanced manufacturing jobs, and strategically organizing EV planning under a centralized state working group.

The site spans approximately 1,600 acres, with the plant itself occupying 1,100 acres. Bordered by I-77 and Blythewood Road, its strategic location is less than 20 miles north of Columbia and near major cities and talent hubs such as Charleston, Charlotte, Greenville, and Atlanta. This proximity gives Scout unrivaled access to major highways, ports of Charleston and Savannah, and universities focused on automotive engineering. Groundbreaking is planned for mid-2023, and production is projected to begin by the end of 2026.


Scout’s trucks and rugged SUVs will be built on a newly designed all-electric platform that delivers credible capability and off-road prowess. With internal engineering focused on attributes including ground clearance, approach angles, robust axles, payload capacity, all-electric range, and new digital features, Scout products will honor its heritage while injecting fresh American ingenuity to create a new era of iconic all-purpose vehicles.

“We’re honored to partner with South Carolina to usher in this new era for Scout,” said Scott Keogh, President & CEO of Scout Motors. “Scout has been an American icon since introducing an SUV in 1960. It's the vehicle that took your family on a camping trip, that gave access to the great outdoors, and that showed up on the job site every morning. Today, we’re reimagining Scout’s original ingenuity and electrifying its future. We’re bringing the Scout spirit to South Carolina and it's going to be a hell of a ride.”


Scout Motors is established as an independent U.S. company with backing from Volkswagen Group and non-executive board members Dr. Gernot Doellner, Head of Group Strategy at Volkswagen AG, and Peter Bosch, Member of the Bentley Motors Board for Manufacturing. Scout is currently evaluating the potential for outside investment.
JLL, led by Vice Chairman Greg Lubar and Executive Managing Director Matt Jackson, represented Scout in the site selection.
To learn more about Scout, visit


About Scout Motors
The Scout, originally produced by International Harvester from 1960 to 1980, was the world’s first utility vehicle capable of both off-road adventure and family duty. It was the 8-day-a-week truck. Scout is now an American icon whose heritage is kept alive by a dedicated community of doers that continue to push their vehicles on the farm, in the wilderness, and on family outings.

Scout Motors was formed to craft all-electric trucks and rugged SUVs rooted in the same tradition that made the original Scout an American icon. Scout Motors is revitalizing a legend and returning manufacturing to American shores.

Scout Motors is headquartered in Tysons, Virginia. Vehicle production is targeted to begin by the end 2026, with the first retail sales of trucks and SUVs occurring soon thereafter.

To learn more, visit and follow along on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.
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Exclusive article and interview with Scott Keogh on TechCrunch:

And more on the announcement:

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Nice - that’s great news!
Big day for Scout!

I read different things in those articles though.

Will they start with the SUV or with the Truck?

Also, does this impact the open positions, that are online for the locations Detroit and DC?

Nice - that’s great news!
Big day for Scout!

I read different things in those articles though.

Will they start with the SUV or with the Truck?

Also, does this impact the open positions, that are online for the locations Detroit and DC?


SUV first is the current plan.

No, this has no impact on positions that are currently open.
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Saw this on the Scout FB page


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What will be the time frame for new hires in South Carolina. What type of jobs, and at payrange
I would start checking our careers page weekly. You can find it here:

I would estimate the bulk of the hidings to start in 2024 as we still need to build the factory. During a press conference South Carolina mentioned average salaried positions around $100k per year and hourly positions average at around $58k per year. I would expect generous benefit packages as well.

Hope that helps!
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Here is another update on South Carolina jobs specifically:

A website has been set up for anyone interested in working at the new factory location. You can find the page here: