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Nov 15, 2022
Oak Grove, MO.
For years now I have dreamed of the day that the Scout II might be brought back to life. Brought back with modern technology, yet still holding true to that overall feel of the original Scout II. Now, thanks to Scout Motors for being able to do just that, my level of excitement is through the [soft top] roof! Which leads me to....why all the negativity out there people? I have been reading the comments on the Scout EV Facebook page, as well as a few on this forum. I know some people have a hard time with change. However, change isn't always a bad thing. This new Scout is not going to be an exact replica of the old Scout we all know and love.....why would you want it to be? That would just take away from the value of those originals. Those of us that are fortunate enough to enjoy these old beast should not be looking at the new Scout to replace them, rather enjoy them for what they are!

For the Scout name it's been 50+ years of nothing! No subtle improvements, no technological advancements, no next generations....nothing! Just a void that left us Scout enthusiast to continue to idealize the originals. Take a minute to think of a world where Chevy or Ford stop production in the 70's, creating that same void. Then someone came around making them again 50 years later in 2022.....
Would those die hards be screaming for little to no change...probably, but why? Today's truck is far superior in many ways than the trucks of yesterday! Comfort, safety, control, towing, mileage just to name a few. Advancements in technology has allowed all of these improvements, aka changes. All of this is not to say that an owner of a 1972 Chevy truck can't take it out and enjoy if for what it is. If your enjoyment with your current Scout is taking it up in the mountains, with its solid axles, with a manual transmission and the rumble of a 345 under the hood, then by all means continue to use it for that enjoyment.

I wonder if social media existed in 1971 how many haters would have been voicing their opinions of the new Scout II body lines in comparison to what they all had come to know the Scout to look like? .....aka change

Look, I get it. I'm in the same boat with a number of things I hope to see to ensure it stays true to the original. However, there are ways of explaining your stance without the need for a derogatory, threating tone. If we can all just take a deep breath and look at the positives of being able to purchase a brand new Scout for what it is...a NEW 2026 Scout, with 2026 advancements all while being built off of the basic look, heritage and vibe of the Scout of old! Thank you Scout Motors (@Jamie@ScoutMotors @Chris@ScoutMotors @Scott@ScoutMotors ) for listening to all the critics and enthusiast to best understand the key elements to keep the Scout name alive. I'm sure the negative post out there are hard to read sometimes, but I myself am truly appreciative that you guys have taken the approach of listening. Stay positive! What you and your team is doing is nothing shy of amazing.

p.s. - this was not intended to be a kum ba yah, hippie vibe :ROFLMAO: Just remember the glass can be half FULL of beer too 🍻
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VERY, VERY well said. Kudos for speaking up and saying what many of us feel.

As I’ve spoken, my last joy of our Scout was when I was 17 when it finally rusted out beyond repair and my dad put it out to pasture (metaphorically speaking). I’ll be 50 in 2 months and I’ve ALWAYS wanted another Scout. I’m not an EV nut but I am so excited about this opportunity. The new Bronco made me miss the Scout even more so this is great timing and my bank (spouse) says ‘26 is fair to get a third fun car so timing couldn’t be better. And hey, if something I contribute makes it in the final build then that’s truly the whipped cream and cherry on top.
Matt, thanks for the kind words and great post, but honestly, Chris and I both feel this has been a great community to interact with. Given our monumental task of updating an icon that hasn't been around for more than 40 years, the comments, suggestions, and ideas here have been tremendous. We know fully that we can't make everyone happy, but we'll do our best to bring the heritage and spirit of the original into the modern world. I've been around cars, old and new, my entire life and I get it. There is something so analog and simple with great older vehicles. But after being involved in the restoration of a few, a realization sets in that no matter how many new parts you put on that old car, it is still an old car and that's ok. In the end, nothing will replace what the Scout 80/800/II means to so many people as that was a marker in time for many of us growing up. Our hope is that most of you take pride in the feedback you gave here to help us create the new Scout and that some part of what we create puts a smile on your face. We hope you look back at it after parking it and think, man, I really like driving that thing.

Chris and I look forward to the day that we can sit around a camp fire with our new Scouts at a rally with owners from this community, embibing in a beverage and talking about how we all got here. It will be a fun journey that is quite rare in the car world.

Cheers! 🍺