Scout Motors Returns to Baja Peninsula for NORRA Mexican 1000

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Nov 4, 2022
Scout Motors Returns to Baja Peninsula for NORRA Mexican 1000

Honoring decades of off-road tradition, Scout Motors sponsors community member

Sean Barber for world-renowned race

Tysons, Virginia (April 12, 2023) – Scout Motors Inc. (“Scout Motors”) will honor its iconic heritage by returning to the Baja peninsula to race in the NORRA Mexican 1000 in partnership with the Anything Scout Vintage Racing Team. A vintage 1976 Scout Terra will take the starting line in Ensenada, Mexico on April 30 and aims to successfully complete the five-day campaign with finish line arrival in San José del Cabo on May 4.

Scout last appeared on the Baja peninsula in 1982 when Sherman Balch and James Acker won nearly every off-road race in their class, including the Baja 1000. More than 40 years later, Scout Motors is embarking on a journey to create a new era of iconic all-purpose vehicles that embrace both innovation and the adventurous Baja spirit of Balch and Acker.


“Off-road racing serves as a proving ground for American automotive die-hards,” said Scout Motors CEO and President Scott Keogh. “The Baja peninsula, in particular, is the spiritual home for high performance off-road racing. As we build Scout Motors, it's only fitting we start in Baja in classically proven trucks to capture the essence of Scout. From there, the NORRA Mexican 1000 is a chance for us to draw inspiration from Scout racing heritage and learn how to best inject future products with off-road DNA and rugged capability.”

The Anything Scout Vintage Racing Team is led by Sean Barber, owner of Anything Scout, a retro-mod shop geared toward the Scout enthusiast. In the same spirit of adventure that fuels thousands of Scout drivers on the road today, Barber will race in a period-correct, purpose-built Scout Terra dubbed the Race Terra. Barber’s Race Terra is tastefully restored to respect the vehicle’s original ingenuity while adding the racing equipment needed to endure Baja’s terrain.


“When I get behind the wheel of a Scout, I feel a strong emotional connection with the past, the community, and the outdoors,” said Barber. “We started building the Race Terra in late 2022 and quickly turned around a vintage style dirt-trouncing machine. The idea was to keep it simple, keep it strong, and keep it Scout. This is what Scouts are made to do.”

For Scout Motors, a crucial part of reimagining the brand is connecting with the many loyal Scout enthusiasts to ensure the spirit of the community is recognized in new Scout Motors vehicles. In addition to sponsoring community members like Barber, Scout Motors regularly connects with aficionados through Scout Community, an online meeting place where members can engage with the Scout Motors team.


The NORRA Mexican 1000 was started in 1967 and is known as “the Happiest Race on Earth.” No other racing event immerses competitors and the community in the culture and beauty of Baja like the NORRA Mexican 1000. The Race Terra will compete in the Legends Era 4x4 class of the event.

Race Terra Technical Specifications:

Truck: 1976 Scout Terra

Builder: Anything Scout, Ames, IA

Wheelbase: 118 inches

Engine: International Harvester stock 195 ci, 4 cylinder

Transmission: T-19 close ratio 4-speed manual

Axles: Dana 44 with alloy shafts, 4.56 gears

Tires: General Grabber X3 33x10.5x15


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Always loved watching their videos. Sean seems like a down to earth guy. Here is the build

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This has been cool to watch being built, can't wait to see how they do!
@Jamie@ScoutMotors do you know if a video team is following the Terra down in Baja? I'd love to see a recap video of the race and get a chance to see how it looks and performs in action.
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@Jamie@ScoutMotors do you know if a video team is following Terra down in Baja? I'd love to see a recap video of the race and get a chance to see how it looks and performs in action.

This is a case where we are dipping our toe into the water and exploring future options. We don't have a team on this race yet as we're still very early in getting our teams together, but I know Sean and the guys running the truck do a good job on the vlog end. Chris is out on the west coast with all of them right now, so I'll ping him and see what the plan is.