1904 Carburetor

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Aug 26, 2023
My 64 Scout has the 1904 carb which I have rebuilt and gone thru a couple of times and cannot keep it from flooding from the "vent" hole on the top. I have looked at new replacement ones and all of them have the choke connection turned exactly 150 degrees opposite from mine. I have taken it off so many times that now where I connect the fuel line is stripped and won't tighten. I thought I had found one on ebay but the flange that connects to the motor is wider than mine, something new that I learned. Any help would be appreciated.IMG_0004.JPGIMG_0002.JPG
Check one of the forum sites that specializes in Scout's. The problem you are probably running into is the basic 1904vwas produced for a number of applications and manifolds, several Ford's among them and what is sling for $100 on ebay.

Leaking out the vent to me means an out of adjustment float or valve that is not seating and not shutting off flow of fuel.

If Grose-jet has an application for the inlet valve thst would be ideal. I used those on my MGs

Edit: you would use a Grose-jet HY-33

At this point I would opt for a 4 bbl that fits the manifold
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