1978 Scout II Traveler

1978 Scout II Traveler - 345 - 727 Auto - Dana 20 - 3.73 Gears - Skyjacker 2.5in lift, Bilstein shocks - cut and turned front axle, new 30 gallon scoutman aluminum tank.
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1978 Scout II Traveler - 345 - 727 Auto - Dana 20 - 3.73 Gears - Skyjacker 2.5in lift, Bilstein shocks - cut and turned front axle, new 30 gallon scoutman aluminum tank.

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Was looking for Scouts for years and when I first saw this Traveler at the Scoutman's shop I knew I wanted a traveler. After a test drive I was sold, and its been an adventure ever since. It has had a lot of work done, lots of trial and error but a great learning experience. Its gone a long way from dying on the side of 75 to getting the top off as our get away car at our wedding.



Bunch of updates since last year on the Traveler! It made the move from Atlanta to Raleigh, it got a new ignition system (fresh pertronix and prestolite distributor) and fuel delivery (Holley Sniper). It also got the ammeter deleted and engine bay wiring cleaned up. The rear end had a leak so the dana 44 got a full refresh. And its been doing great! Made trips to Asheville, Clemson, and Atlantic Beach/Morehead City with plenty of miles around the triangle area too. Missed out on Harvesters in the holler, but hope to make it next year.
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