1977 Scout SSII "BrushBuster"

1977 Scout SSII BrushBuster Originally Siam yellow w/white soft top 304, 4spd. 8274 Warn winch
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1977 Scout SSII BrushBuster Originally Siam yellow w/white soft top 304, 4spd. 8274 Warn winch

Tell us about your Scout:

Here's my 1977 IH Super Scout "Brush Buster".
I was looking on a search engine for Craigslist 6 years ago. Wasn't anticipating buying a scout then this one happen to be on there. Nobody had called the gentleman as he mis-spelled International!
It was nowhere near as nice as it is now though. I went sight unseen it felt sketchy but still right and after some negotiations with the seller it was on it's way home from Missouri to Massachusetts. Overall the body was excellent shape no rust originally a Texas truck. But mechanically it was neglected, within the first year I had replaced Carb., swapped in a DUI distributor, clutch went out on way home one night, the cam lobe on cyl #2 was wiped out. So complete upper end motor rebuild. And the list keeps going, a scout is never "really" finished is it...😁
The Scout has the original 304, 4spd, (yes it's a real SS I have the LST...) it has a 8274 warn winch with a December 1977 build date. The truck was built May 23, 1977, so we think the winch was a dealer add on, since it was not on the LST.
I've made several upgrades it has a 3 inch suspension lift, 1 inch body lift, & 33 inch tires, I replaced the steering box with a Red Head, added a steer straight brace, repaired frame cracks, and added the steering box base plate, I brought the caster forward 4 degrees, and added Tom Woods Super Flex Ujoints for the front axle. I can now drive it with one finger..😁
I can now see the road at night with the bright lite relays, and some Hella conversion lights, with Led Morimoto bulbs...👍 the dash even got a led bulb swap so I could see the gas guage at night...😋
It has a nice little rumble, with the stainless eliminator mufflers, got a pair of reprduction dash vent covers, I have a full soft top and doors for it, just never enough time in a day. Plus who needs a top? It does stink when I get rained on though, and yeah I've been rained on many times, this rig is a driver.
Overall the rig is a great running, rides great, and it a lot of fun, definitely not a truck to ride around in if you don't want to be noticed. 😎🍻



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