Silly ideas sometimes inspire good ones, let's hear yours

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Jul 14, 2023
Washington, DC
This is the moment to bring out your questionable or ridiculous ideas to see if there are any nuggets of brilliance hidden away.

I want to hear any suggestions that you would be hesitant to actually make.

I'll start with mine, with zero nuggets of brilliance:
  • For the wireless winch controller, integrate RC-car style controls with a tiny steering wheel, limiting speed to a crawl. Even without using the winch, it also means you could be your own spotter using your own eyes and drive the car carefully from the outside. Throw a little gimbal motor and encoder on it for steering controls to mirror the feedback from the actual steering. Tap into the fun and novelty of a giant toy when advertising the option.
  • Speaking of spotting, maybe a removable dashcam streaming to the vehicle's display. If someone steps out to help while holding the dashcam, then the driver can see what they see (instead of the usual distorted stitching of various external cameras that's only good for parking).
  • Besides the commonly suggested platform for sharing off-road trails, have community maps also help answer the question of where the heck is the entrance or parking when I want to do other outdoor activities like camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, etc. Keep the site/app open to everyone to make it easier to gather data from many users. then integrate that data on the onboard nav.
  • Faux hub lockers that still serve a genuine function: protect wheels from theft in lieu of locking lug nuts.
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I know Scout Motors cannot be called International Harvester, since Case owns the IH name. But, if SM decides to offer trims, it would be cool to have an "International" trim or a "Harvester" trim. Then they could put the trim name on the tailgate next to the SM logo, so it would still say International Scout, with "International" being the trim, not the brand name. I am not expecting this, but it would be quite cool.
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