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Scout Motors Inc Front Design Teaser.jpg

Scout Motors Inc Front Design Teaser.jpg

Second teaser image released on November 15, 2022.
I am going to be straight forward about this. The revival of the Scout was a concept I started a few years back. Somehow, this got tossed into the mix when Carl Icahn was skyjacking the market value of Navistar. With that being said I'm not very receptive to this whole regurgitated idea of an all electric Scout. This has left me super salted, from the get-go I sketched out two platforms with the intent of serving the urban market and secondly to conquer the offroad market. I have reviewed many suggestions mentioned on this forum and I can almost anticipate how receptive the market might be with only one platform.

There is so many variables and with very limited proving data to propel a durable Electric Scout, there is without a doubt risks. Evaluating risk factors will take time and those risks may dissolve funding for future operations.

Building a presence requires a strong following and a solid foundation. The Scout brand has both and that is where our focus must remain even if there is substantial growth. Currently the market data outlines consumer trends between Jeep and the Bronco. There is no in-between, they are our competitors and we respectfully use the best parts from both if needed. Or until better positioned to step up the dynamics and the competitive nature of innovative engineering. I know whatever Scout doesn't offer to customers the next competitor will.

There is no room for pussyfooting bullshit, these vehicles where first marketed towards roughnecks, ranchers and farmers in rural America. Those are still valued markets and a great target to serve. Therefore we will produce two different platforms that will propel a series of models. Without disclosing to much insight I feel making use of the reliable 5.0l Cummins and offering an additional options powered by the 4.5l Maxxforce vT275 until the production ceases. I feel this will meet the demands of customers expectations and bring viable growth until the mandatory transition is made for electric commuter vehicles.

As, for the rendering, the fender curvature from the corners appear too tapered and the trailing edge along each side of the hood is too bowed inwards. This may just be the shadow orientation. Ether way, the rendering appears to be a mashup of elements base on VW's design philosophies from Klaus, Lason Saltzer, Altmann or Bernhard. Which will merely reflect a urbanized Volkswagen at the end of the day. The point at hand is that, If the right people were involved there would be minimum need for suggestions. Whereas the current VW personal attempt to fit the part and rely on others for insight for peanuts is a clear indication the team isn't not on the same page. Sadly the entire project will become a total mess or windups halfass like every Americanized product, until the funding and interest of job security is dissolved.

Even though the designers are highly skilled, Its' imperative that the Scout development team has solid experience driving American trucks and knowledge of mechanical components other than the existing VW platforms. I mean shit, who can tell me about portal axles and who manufactured them without researching and examining products all day. There is a big difference between developing a urban SUV vehicle such as VW's Touareg/ the Porsche platform compared to successfully reviving the most iconic American offroad vehicle. So in retrospect this would be kind of like telling a Bugatti customer that the new models won't function like previous models.

I recognize that most brands have transitioned over the years and had adapted advanced technologies and various design languages. Whereas, the Scout wasn't in production for long and didn't transition much through the years. This old iconic beater stayed basically the same and folks still love the shit out of the simplicity and early innovation. I'm reading the response of these folks and their interests. They want to feel the essence of something familiar that's been ether reengineered for better handling or durability and efficiency. Thats what we need to focus on as a brand that serves the customers needs and interest.

The Scout development facility should be separate from VW Virginia nor influence the direction. Basically a blank sheet in the wilderness.

Best Regards, Shane
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